The other day I got an email from a major art dealer in London telling me that they have recently acquired some of my art. They asked me to give them more information on these particular paintings.

Oh dear! The paintings are really nice ones. I remember th...



September 29, 2019...


Colin Ruffell ...

Yesterday I delivered the latest batch of fine-art prints and greetings cards to the shop downstairs in St Pauls Cathedral in London. The cathedral regularly purchase from me, and sell my artwork to visitors...


Vernissage is a ‘Private View’ invitation day with a bunch of extra benefits.



All artists beware of this scam.

I am inspired by, and forwarding part of, a message from another newsletter. Robert and Sara Genn newsletter. I have added some extra observations of my own.

Something like this might pop into your inbox. Three examples here.

“Hello Th...


Quit your day job, become an artist.

If you like making art you might want to progress from hobby artist to professional artist. But you will soon find that you cannot get a job as an artist. Professional artists are self-employed. They have to be. There are no paid job...


Exactly a year ago I wrote a blog-post about the Spring Fair. This is where and when the professional art, design, furnishing, and gift worlds get together in the middle of England. And the general public don’t know about it.

Here it is again! I am reposting the blog be...


Qigong, Meditation, and Bumpy Paper!

Some art is really complicated and other art is really simple. Indeed some artists are really complicated and others are really simple. Sometimes the complicated is actually rather simple, and the other way round as well.

So this blog...


Watching paint dry.

Last Saturday I gave a demonstration of my acrylic painting technique in a huge new artists supply shop in London. The shop is the Great Art store in the trendy East End of London. This is in Shoreditch, just north of Liverpool Street station, and th...


Five things about London.

London is a big, important, interesting, popular, exciting, place.

I was born and brought up here as well. That’s why I paint pictures of London.

London Skyline by Colin Ruffell

Here are a few things from Wikepedia about London.

London is Big.

Its e...



Many artists have depicted animals in their art. Myself included.

In my case I have painted our black cat many, many, times. But I have never been tempted to have a go at other species of animal, dogs, lions, or horses for instance.

One o...

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