Ishihara test.

Can you see a number? What is it?...


An artist that I know surprised me when he told me that he was colour blind. He reads the colour on his paint tubes to make sure that he isn’t making a mistake when he paints pictures. He sometimes asked for...

Big art, middle size art, or small art?

This blog is about the benefits and problems that painters have when they choose to make big, medium, or small art pieces.

Plus it is about buyers and collectors of art. They have a choice as well. Perhaps this is more important th...


Oils, acrylics, and water-colours

Oils, acrylics, and water-colours, and are kinds of artists paint.

There are lots of ways to make coloured marks on a surface. This blog is about the common kinds of paints and coloured mark-makers that artists usually use. But what is t...


Watching paint dry.

Last Saturday I gave a demonstration of my acrylic painting technique in a huge new artists supply shop in London. The shop is the Great Art store in the trendy East End of London. This is in Shoreditch, just north of Liverpool Street station, and th...


Five things about London.

London is a big, important, interesting, popular, exciting, place.

I was born and brought up here as well. That’s why I paint pictures of London.

London Skyline by Colin Ruffell

Here are a few things from Wikepedia about London.

London is Big.

Its e...



Many artists have depicted animals in their art. Myself included.

In my case I have painted our black cat many, many, times. But I have never been tempted to have a go at other species of animal, dogs, lions, or horses for instance.

One o...


A lot of non-artists don’t have much idea about why artists use such a variety of surfaces for their paintings. So here is a very basic whizz through the subject.

 Stack of canvases in studio.

Canvas, hardboard, paper or plank. These four surfaces are the common availabl...

'Art Business Today'  magazine  Jan 2011

Amateurs and professionals in the art business.

I have heard it estimated that there are 100 thousand artists in the UK. Most of them are happy amateurs while just a few hundred are full-time working professionals. An am...


Article from Art Business Today magazine

Technology has changed everything!

For most of my long and illustrious professional art career [he says modestly] I have had to ‘paint pictures and sell them’. In fact that was the phrase I used to answer the question “what do you...


I have been invited by a major trade magazine to write a short 700 word piece about my technique for painting pictures. Luckily I recently recorded a video of the process as I created a painting for a collector. So this article puts into words what the video can only s...

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