Watching paint dry.

Last Saturday I gave a demonstration of my acrylic painting technique in a huge new artists supply shop in London. The shop is the Great Art store in the trendy East End of London. This is in Shoreditch, just north of Liverpool Street station, and th...


A lot of non-artists don’t have much idea about why artists use such a variety of surfaces for their paintings. So here is a very basic whizz through the subject.

 Stack of canvases in studio.

Canvas, hardboard, paper or plank. These four surfaces are the common availabl...


Starve, strive, survive, then thrive. That is the basic formula for an artist to go from the starving artist phase to the thriving artists phase.


A lot of artists want to exhibit in commercial art galleries. They see it as recognition of their quality as an artist.


In the late 50’s we saw these strange words describing some of the latest art from the USA, ‘acrylic on masonite’. What was masonite and what were acrylics? Masonite, we found, is a trade term and actually what the USA call, what we Brits call, hardboard. But what were...


How to publish prints and why? That is the big question for artists nowadays. It is big because there have been important developments in the art publishing world over the last few years.

Crucial factor number one.

Artists can make archival quality inkjet prints (giclee)...


The artist’s role in the art industry.

The art industry is huge with an annual global turnover in zillions of dollars. The top auction houses sell art for incredible amounts. Governments allocate multi million pound budgets to support national art galleries. Libraries a...


How to sell your art.

This is the biggie. The big question that successful artists get asked all the time.

And of course the answer is both simple and complex.

Simple because the way that anybody sells anything is the same, everywhere, every time.

And complex because every...

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