September 29, 2019...


Colin Ruffell ...

Yesterday I delivered the latest batch of fine-art prints and greetings cards to the shop downstairs in St Pauls Cathedral in London. The cathedral regularly purchase from me, and sell my artwork to visitors...


Vernissage is a ‘Private View’ invitation day with a bunch of extra benefits.


Exactly a year ago I wrote a blog-post about the Spring Fair. This is where and when the professional art, design, furnishing, and gift worlds get together in the middle of England. And the general public don’t know about it.

Here it is again! I am reposting the blog be...


Skylarks singing, dewdrops on cobwebs, and flowers.

January the first 2017. I am getting dozens of emails, Facebook posts, Twitter, and other messages about the perils of 2017 and what it will be like.

But this blog is not another one. There is nothing about Trump, or Br...


A lot of artists want to exhibit in commercial art galleries. They see it as recognition of their quality as an artist.

'Art Business Today'  magazine  Jan 2011

Amateurs and professionals in the art business.

I have heard it estimated that there are 100 thousand artists in the UK. Most of them are happy amateurs while just a few hundred are full-time working professionals. An am...


How to sell your art.

This is the biggie. The big question that successful artists get asked all the time.

And of course the answer is both simple and complex.

Simple because the way that anybody sells anything is the same, everywhere, every time.

And complex because every...

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