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The process of ‘pre-selling is where the seller offers a product that doesn’t actually exist, yet. That means finding a buyer who agrees to buy without actually seeing exactly what they are buying.

 Please buy this...


A common example of the term ‘pre-s...


Vernissage is a ‘Private View’ invitation day with a bunch of extra benefits.


SELL or RENT ....

Most artists have two tasks going on at the same time. First is making their art, and second is finding the place where it will go. The easy option for the second task is just keeping it for themselves or giving it away to friends and family. But that...



‘Corporate’ art is a term for art on show in business premises such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

company boardroom

The difference between corporate art and domestic art is important.

Basically corporate art will be seen in a working environmen...

Big art, middle size art, or small art?

This blog is about the benefits and problems that painters have when they choose to make big, medium, or small art pieces.

Plus it is about buyers and collectors of art. They have a choice as well. Perhaps this is more important th...



It is well known by professional sales people that a crucial stage of the buying process is …… moving from showing the features of the product or service towards focus onto the benefits to the prospective buyer.

‘Interest is...


Quit your day job, become an artist.

If you like making art you might want to progress from hobby artist to professional artist. But you will soon find that you cannot get a job as an artist. Professional artists are self-employed. They have to be. There are no paid job...

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