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In business there is a practice known as ‘Product Launch’. It is used to focus on the occasion when a new product or service that the business provides is about ready to be put on the market.

The particular type of product launch, often used by artists, is an exhibition ‘Private View’.

This is an exhibition of an artist’s new art-work and your personal invitation to see it and meet the artist.

It is a really a very special occasion that is just perfect for product launching.


For you, my reader, this can be interesting depending on who you are.

If you are an art lover or collector then this message about a Private View will show you how and why you can benefit.

If you are an artist who wishes to be successful and get noticed by art collectors this principal should be recognized and used in your art business.


Hopefully this blog will explain why your attendance and feedback and are so valuable.

You will see why artists and dealers hold PV’s.

A PV will let you to get first choice of an artist’s latest work.

You will enable artists to survive and thrive.

You will influence art creativity and actually improve all art-work for ever.

You might get a free drink and bite to eat.


You will be helped to survive and thrive as an artist.

A Private View product launch is efficient and effective.

You get first hand reaction to your work.


The obvious reasons that product launches apply to all businesses, including art-businesses, are as follows…

  1. It is an opportunity to show that your business is alive and thriving.

  2. People will pay attention to the message because it is new.

  3. People might be interested in the new product.

You might have noticed that point B and point C are looking at ‘Attention’ and ‘Interest’.

So our mantra AIDA that there are four stages in all selling sequences applies very well here. The four letters in this very special acronym stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

A Private View [PV] product launch provides a super opportunity to get Attention and stimulate Interest in one go.

The occasion is designed so that the AIDA sequence is followed and their Desire will be stimulated next. What could be better?

The invitees feel very special to be on the guest list. They will usually meet the artist and be asked to react to the new product providing very valuable reaction to it. At a PV the host artist or art gallery/dealer can even ply the prospective customers with alcohol and snacks. Everybody feels special.

I bet other businesses with other products wish that they could do the same. Sometimes they try. I have been to launches introducing a new model of a car. Of course there wasn’t any alcohol. But can you imagine how little attention or how uninteresting a similar ‘Private View’ would be to welcome the latest version of one of the many boring everyday things that we spend our money on?

Of course other businesses attempt to make their new product or service attractive, but often the products are not.


So lets see what an artist can and should do with their rather unique opportunity.

What are the ups and downs, if any?

The first downside is that there must be new product.

Secondly, there must be a venue for the PV to occur in.

Thirdly, there needs to be a list of potential people to invite.

Fourthly, it costs a bit.

Fifthly, it is important to time it right.

But the upsides are enormous! So it can be worth all the trouble to prepare and perform.

Firstly, it will focus and stimulate the artist to make and provide the new product.

Secondly, the artist will get vital feedback on their creative effort.

Thirdly, the financial reward potential will encourage help from other participants.

Fourthly, the milestone is recordable for an artists CV that lasts well into the future.

Fifthly, it is enjoyable and interesting and there can be alcohol and snacks.

Oh OK I guess that the last upside is debatable about the alcohol and so it could be a downside.

But, in my experience as a long-time professional artist, a PV really does work.

My message to anybody that gets an invitation to a PV is that you are valued, effective, and special.

And my message to other artists is….

Make new good art.

Set yourself a target date.

Find a really nice venue.

Nurture your list of potential invitees.

Get all the assistance that you can

Time it just right.

Avoid too much alcohol and snacks personally.

I hope that helps.


Colin Ruffell

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