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Studio equipment available

Every now and then we need to tidy up and pass on to others.

Here are some studio things that I don't have room for now.

The first people to get a look are readers of these blogs.

Thats you!

First my large robust studio easel suitable for someone with the studio space.

My one is at half retail price. [approx]

£350 if you collect from my studio in Brighton.

Give me a ring or send an email.

0785 406 0952

Cost 792.50 Euros

Chevalet Maestro de Jax ArtCompany.

Maestro Bridge , a beautiful bridge in beech varnished which will bring a unique character to your workshop. A safe and long-term investment for your creations. The inclination is adjustable (without notches) and you can also adjust the height using a crank. The upper part of the support can be swiveled to adapt to different formats of frames, canvas or canvas boards and fix them securely. In addition, the very stable base is equipped with removable casters that will allow you to easily move the easel. A removable extension, very easy to attach, is delivered with the easel. It will allow you to put canvases up to 200 cm high on the easel! Width: 85 cm, Height: 202 cm, Weight: 30 kg. Maximum height of the canvas without extension: 135 cm, with extension: 200 cm (the extension is delivered with the easel).

Dimensions at the feet: 81 cm x 80 cm.

Width of the canvas support 84.5 cm. [translated from French]

Give me a ring or send an email.

0785 406 0952

Plus large drawing board on metal stand, plus stool.

Free when you buy my easel.

Give me a ring or send an email.

0785 406 0952


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