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During a brain-storm a long while ago I set myself a list of blog topics. I cannot recall how or why. I set myself the task of a regular blog-post, and now I don’t have to spend a lot of time seeking the next subject. Todays task is to prattle on about ‘Artist’s Agents’.

I found a heap of information by searching for ‘artist agents’ on line.

I have found that other and better writers already cover the subject really well. So I am going to recommend that you read someone else’s blog instead of mine.

But before you go please remember me, and come back later. Thankyou.

Recommendation One.

I really like the way that Alan Bamberger writes about our art business sharing a long list of articles aimed at artists. Of course he also offers a service that you can pay for.

Recommendation Two.


‘An artist agent is any professional who works on behalf of an artist to represent, promote, and sell their work. In many ways, they represent the business interests of the artist, whether by pursuing individual sales, licensing deals, publicity, or opportunities like teaching, events, or commissions for artists.’

Recommendation Three.

Renee Phillips is an American mentor and coach. Her article is will really help. Of course she also offers a service that you can pay for.


It feels a bit as though I have cheated. But I hope that helps.


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