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As you can see from the title of this blog there are several groups of art lovers in our artworld.

At the top of my list are…..

Art Collectors

The first group are ‘Art Collectors’, and anybody else interested in art. These good people are very important in the art-world. They are interested in art history, art exhibitions, and having art in their homes and places of work.

Art Critics and Art Teachers

There is another category of people. They are ‘Art Critics and Art Teachers’ who might have a passionate interest but do not create or collect art themselves. They might have a wide range of knowledge to share but without the need to buy art.


Then there is a third group or category in the art world. Those who actually create art as a living or as a pastime.

These are the ‘Artists’, for who making art is a very satisfying, creative, and sometimes sufficient experience.

Of course many artists would say they fall into the first group of people as well. They might collect work by other artists, just like ‘Art Collectors’.

And some of them teach art, and talk about art, as well.

So we can see that the art-world is populated by several sorts of art lovers.

No one type is better or worse than any other. We all benefit by the interests, input and output of other groups.

‘Art Collectors’ want ‘Artists’ to make art. They benefit from the input from ‘Art Critics and Teachers’ because that encourages ‘Artists’ to make better art.

‘Art Critics and Art Teachers’ are often professionals making a living at it. They need the art produced by the 'Artists'.They are appreciated by both other groups for their creative contribution.

‘Artists’ benefit greatly by the support they get from ‘Art Collectors’. They get feed back, good teaching, and creative criticism from ‘Art Critics and Art Teachers’ and get better in their field.

We are all better off because the other categories provide valuable support for the other groups.

Art Patrons

Then there is another category, ‘Art Patrons’. They are a super group of ‘Art Collectors’.

If you are one of these, please give me a ring.



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